Our Brands

We specialise in manufacturing a wide range of leading cheese brands suitable for every sector. As the largest pizza cheese supplier in the UK, whatever your requirements we have a tasty cheese to suit your budget and application.


Danscorella is our premium frozen brand and is the leading food service mozzarella for pizza. Distributed all around the world, it is recognised for its distinctive milky, slightly salty flavour. It is a moisture rich soft elastic cheese, great for cooking with a perfect melt and stretch. Danscorella is available in grated, shredded and diced formats.

danscorella cheese


Fiorello is currently our bestselling chilled cheese brand and offers pure mozzarella and mozzarella blended products. Fiorello not only tastes delicious but delivers the perfect stretch and melt qualities every chef is looking for!

Churn Valley

Churn Valley is our cheddar brand and boasts the same characteristics and tasty flavour of cheddar but has been developed at a cheaper price point. Churn Valley is available in white and coloured formats with taste profiles ranging from mild to mature.

churn valley
casa italiana cheese

Casa Italiana

Casa Italiana is our main pizza cheese used for its authentic Italian flavour at a cheaper price point. With the same stretch and melt as the authentic version, Casa Italiana is an ideal choice for chefs looking for a low-cost alternative to mozzarella. This brand is available in shredded, diced and grated formats.


Izzimo is our newest premium chilled brand for the UK service and pizza market. This product is the perfect chilled alternative to our well known Danscorella brand. Izzimo is now available as pure mozzarella, blended mozzarella, cheddar and pizza top.