Partnering with us

“Supplying to Dairy Partners gives me the confidence that not only is my farm supported, but so is our wider local economy”

As leaders in the dairy products and cheese making market, we are always at the forefront of product innovation and development.

A significant part of that process is developing and nurturing relationships with new suppliers and customers and building partnerships that promote and support the industry.

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Becoming a supplier

We are always keen to hear from milk providers and, as our capacity increases, so will our requirement for reliable, competent and industry recognised suppliers. If you think you’ve got what it takes to provide first-class ingredients that our customers will love, please get in touch:

Red Tractor logoSupplier Standards

We are committed to operating responsibly, with the highest food safety standards, product integrity and consistency of service. We select our suppliers on a variety of criteria and not only on cost; we also consider environmental protection, compliance with human rights and animal welfare.

Our knowledgeable technical team work closely with our supply partners to ensure they meet and surpass the challenging standards of the UK Food Industry.

Becoming a customer

We are proud of our extensive range of customers throughout the UK and around the world. Through a collaborative approach, we work with our customers to provide the very best dairy products at the right price points. With a wide variety of cheese and formats available, we are a reliable, highly respected provider of dairy products.

Our team has a wealth of experience, knowledge and expertise. If you would like to find out more about how we can help you, please get in touch!


Working with farmers

With our proud British heritage and our unwavering commitment to supporting local farmers, we have developed strong and valued partnerships with our milk suppliers who continually provide us with the very best quality product.

The Dairy Partners ‘Milk Producers Contract’

Following many discussions with milk producers at local meetings, at shows and around the farm kitchen table; we have developed a bespoke milk producer’s contract that supports around 150 of our local suppliers.

This contract guarantees that all milk used for manufacturing our mozzarella originates from within a 50-mile radius of our site in Newcastle Emlyn, Wales. Giving our customers the confidence that we are using local milk supplied by British farmers.

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National Dairy Farm Assured

All our milk is National Dairy Farm assured meaning that all of our suppliers comply with strict legislation including high standards of animal welfare, hygienic milk production, enhanced traceability and competency of all dairy staff. This reassures customers that all of our products are manufactured to the very highest standards.